Women's March NYC

Dear Diary,


Today was DAY 1 of the resistance. We woke up still not sure if what happened the day before was part of real life or a fucked up nightmare. We made some oatmeal, got ready and while I showered Billy drew the most amazing protest sign. He is a talented man that one.  We met up with friends and took the G train to the 7 instead of going through the city, decisions like that make me feel like a real New Yorker who has it figured out.

The vibes on the busy trains were already oozingpower and hope. Fellow riders exchanged smiles and nodded at each others protest signs, some were so creative thatI will remember them forever (we ladies haven’t been carrying the stigma of loving glitter and crafts for nothing!). Today I didn’t fantasize where they were going while I people watched, because I already knew.

Excitement, anticipation, frustration, determination, inspiration and motivation was all I packed besides my camera and an extrajacket in case it rained. It didn’t. Crap, next time I am bringing snacks. 

Grand Central was already a sea of people in colorful hats that high fived each other and walked with determination. Lost tuorists seemed curious and excited to be a part of it too. Some even made signs with their Macy’s gift boxes

After realizing we were not gonna be able to find our other friends or get up on the bridge to get that one shot of the endless carpet of humans who demand better lives for all, we found an opening and joined the waves of people.

We floated through 5th Ave slowly and peacefully as one. I cheered until I felt dizzy (snacks people!!), I happily held pee for hours, I snapped over 600 photos of people from all over the world, from ages 0 to 90, with different life stories, sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds but with one mutual goal; and this my friends is what makes America great.